Gocco Favor Tags

While I am not a believer that wedding favors are necessarily required, I fell completely in love with these cookie bundles tied with manilla shipping tags Kat (AKA Mrs. Cherry Pie) made for her recent Montana wedding and decided to create a version of my own as my first Gocco project after having finally scored a Gocco of my own.


I started out by buying two packages of shipping tags and laying out my design in Illustrator. After some trial and error and asking a lot of questions of Gocco expert in residence, E, I managed to print 200 favor tags in just about 3 hours one evening this past week. I used gold ink paired with the manilla shipping tags and I love how they turned out! Some of the tags were definitely lost in the process, but in the end I have more than enough to bundle up cookies, which I will bake myself the week before the wedding, for our anticipated 150 – 175 guests.




What do you think? Wouldn’t you love to attend a wedding and find a little bundle of homemade treats waiting for you at your seat? I know I would!