Reader Dilemma: Pink and Red Bridesmaids Dresses

We have a few emails from readers in our inbox, and we thought – why not brainstorm with you?

First up today is Angela, who asks:

We’re getting married in September in Boston, a beautiful time of year. I have been looking for bridesmaids dresses for over 6 months and cant’t find the right one. My colors are hot pink and red. I’d like touches of orange, turquoise, gold and black. I want the feel of the wedding to be a little Frida Khalo, a little Moulin Rouge. My dress is Silencio by Manual Mota and my I’m looking for a knee-length, kinda vintage, cool, maybe with a touch of Spanish dress for them. PLEASE help!

So, dear readers, any ideas for Angela?  We’ll be posting some choices of our own a bit later!