Really NOW: Alex and Brad!

I don’t have enough good things to say about the fabulous duo of Jan and Tey at Jan Garcia Photography. They’re in love. They’re sweet. And they’re exceptional at their art. What could be a more perfect package? Well, Alex and Brad might be!


Alex made such a stunning bride. And working with her every step of the way was total and utter fabulousness in overload for me! The Chapel at Lake Hills in south Orange County made the perfect backdrop for this clean, modern style wedding. It’s so full of natural beauty and charm, we hardly brought anything into it! Some chiffon draped down the aisle and we were done!



Alex was the first of their 3 girls to get married. It was such an emotional day for her family! Don’t worry- they still have a few more YEARS before they’ve gotta do it all over again!


I think by now it’s clear why I love Jan and Tey so darn much! After the ceremony the group headed out to Soka University, where the reception took place in their cool, clean Art Gallery. Since the campus is beyond-words-gorgeous, they took nearly all of their portraits on the property!



I’m guessing it was just as effortless for Alex to be FLAWLESSLY FIERCE as it was for The Garcia’s to shoot her that way!


Southern Weddings, here they come! Right? It just ooozes with “magazine cover”!





One great thing about this photography team is that they provide a same-day-edit slideshow during the reception. As I stood there with Debby, Alex’s mom, we both teared up as she said “just LOOK at my daughter! Look at my gorgeous daughter!”. It was a moment I know I’ll treasure. Amazing what some killer photos will make you feel!



The Art Gallery was an amazing two-story space. We enjoyed cocktail hour upstairs while the chandelier hung between the two floors, in a cutout down to the ground floor [so the guests could see A&B’s custom gobo and sleek black dance floor!]. We went for a modern black, white, and aqua color scheme and wouldn’t you know it… black and white photography popped onto the walls as a happy coincidence!


Here’s a picture that really captures the essence of the reception and the space itself:




Their friends and family blew bubbles in honor of their last dance:


And one last shot of the amazing venue at night:


You can view more of my blogs and feelings about alex and her wedding by clicking here, which will take you to a search on my blog. Since I was such a lucky ducky and got to spend MONTHS planning this day with her, I was able to feature her design process throughout thier engagement! TO say that I’m honored to work with the couples that come into my life is an understatement… and really, it’s a total BLAST! I hope that you’re having as much fun planning your wedding as I am with my clients.

Remember- don’t be afraid to ask for help, but really look inside of yourself when the stress hits to ensure you aren’t “demanding” it- that won’t make for happy helpers! Plus, you’re better than that!

Fill your Thursday [I know, I’m a day late and a whole lotta dolla short on this one!!] with love and laughter. Remember to spend some time relaxing with your ONE this weekend, even if it is between “wedding appointments”!


A. Auer