Savings and Snippings for Mom

Finding my mom a dress was surprisingly easy.  When I saw it, I just knew it was the one.  All other dresses were dead to me.  She just looked radiant in it.  But what was truly awesome, was what a steal it was!

It was being sold on sale for $130… a good deal, sure. My mom has the purple color which you can sort of see in that small picture, but I included the larger picture so you can see the detail.  Adrianna Pappell, you are a goddess:



Le Sigh.  Oh, how I love the iridescent shimmer for our magic carpet ride wedding!  When we went to check out, the chatty cathy of a saleswoman a Lord & Taylor told us the evening length version was on sale for $85, and she had a special coupon she could use to get it for $65!

“Um, we like the shorter one much better” we objected, gazing at the rack of long gowns.

“But nay!” She exclaimed, “You can cut it off and make it short!  Its the same exact dress, just longer.”

We had her try on both, and lo and behold, they are the exact.same.dress.  Ch-ch-ch-check it out, yo.


(photos source)

We took this sucker, counted 11 pleats down (the amount on the shorter dress), and snipped away at the very top of the next pleat, across the spandex-y material that connects them all and holds the dress in such a lovely shape.  And behold!  My mom got a name brand, department store dress that she looks fly as hell in, for a SONG!

How did you find your mother’s dress?