Recycled Jar Candleholders

I’m feeling confessional; a few weeks ago I took on a completely unnecessary project.  Most of you don’t know me well, but I have a long history with unnecessary projects.  My work friends have started asking about the latest, no doubt waiting for me to start weaving chair covers out of my own hair.  But anyway.

The barn still has a hayloft, although now it has stairs and railings and a landing halfway up.  From the main floor it looks like two layers of balcony.  With all the candlelight on the main floor, I kept thinking that the balconies really could use some light.

(Photo of a photo from the barn’s promotional materials)

Wrapping the bannisters in holidays lights would work, but wasn’t quite what I wanted.  I wanted candles, real candles with dangerous, dangerous flames.  Of course they needed to be securely contained in glass, and I was jonesing for a new project.  So I half-followed Martha’s instructions for wiring jars.


I used six-ounce baby food jars with votive candles.  I was frustrated by trying to tighten the wire enough, using Martha’s instructions – so I made a little change, which you can see here.  The pinched notch in the long loop let me tighten the short end using pliers, with no slipping.


There are 50 of them; currently seven are hanging in my bedroom window.  I like them there, so they may stay.  When we hang them in the barn it won’t be with ribbon.  What a fire hazard that would be!  Right now I’m thinking of buying a twist tie roll and snipping off what we need for each one – easy on, easy off. 

Yes, I’ve gone completely overboard on candles.  If I don’t stop soon I’ll have to start hiding my habit.