And the Bride wore…champagne?

Let me start off by saying (if you haven’t already gathered) I am not a traditional girl.  I don’t like to do things the “normal” way most of the time.

So obviously my wedding wasn’t going to be any different.

See, I didn’t want poof when it came to my dress.  I didn’t want anything I’d have to carry around, and I most CERTAINLY didn’t want to look like anything that remotely resembled a princess.  eek.

I fell in love with Jessica.  Ah, Jessica. Modern Trousseau‘s Jessica.  Here she is:


The lace?  The capped sleeves?  The lack of poof?  I loved her.  Sadly- I didn’t love her price tag.  Being a practical gal I just couldn’t justify spending money like that on a dress.  SO-the hunt began.  I was determined to have someone make me the dress for a good price, and I had found a few seamstresses via craigslist that I felt good about.  Then one day it happened.  I was driving by a used bridal shop near my house.  A little voice whispered in my ear, “just go in and look”

and I did.

And I found it.  Oh, it was gorgeous.  I saw her on the hanger and I just knew she was the one.  Lace?  Capped sleeves?  CHECK and CHECK!

The price was right.  Oh man, was the price right.  I took her home that day, and haven’t looked back.  I still love Jessica and her white lace, but my dress is so much more “me”.  She has character-and well, I’ve been told I do too.  Here is a picture of the dress on the model.  It looks much different in person, but you get the idea-oh and the sleeves will be higher up when I wear it:


I just love the sash and I love the lace. I absolutely love the champagne color-and in person it is much more noticeable.

I will be wearing these boots:


I just can’t wait to run around on the farm with my dress, those boots-and that wonderful amazing man-of-mine.

Any of you fine ladies out there doing something less traditional when it comes to your wedding day attire?