A Hair Trial for a Short Hair Bride

Because I don’t have long hair, it’s a barely longer than chin-length bob, I decided it made some sense to schedule a hair trial along with my regular cut/color over the weekend so I could decide if I need to let my hair grow over the next couple of months instead of keeping to my regular schedule of trimming. Generally speaking, I have been opposed to growing out my hair and being annoyed with it for months and hating it in photos just so it can be put up for one day, but I’m open to letting it grow a bit from this point forward. I searched around and found this simple and elegant chignon and brought this along with me for inspiration.


I’ve gone to the same stylist since I was about 16, so she has a good understanding of what I love and hate. Using the above photo for inspiration, I let her know I was interested in something elegant, simple and classic. And it absolutely could not resemble prom in any way.


This crazy photo taken at a holiday party {me on the far left and my lil’ sister/MOH on the far right – and yes, we’re in the ladies room} gives you a good idea of the length of my hair. As you can see, it’s amazing what hair spray and hair pins can do…


A view from the front. I love that it’s simple, elegant and classic – exactly the look I wanted.


Remember my pretty hairpiece from Myra of twigs & honey? I love how it looks in action!



This would be the look I would wear on Friday night, the evening of our ceremony and cocktail party for family and close friends. The following evening I am planning something a bit sassier, likely with part or all of my hair down for the reception. We are going to practice that look at my next cut/color, a few weeks before the wedding. So, what do you think? Yea or nay?