Five flower girls…

Most of my life has been heavily influenced by my love for children.  I’ve been a babysitter as long as I can remember and a full time nanny for quite some time.  Since this has been my life, I have “accumulated” quite a few little ones in my life.  Five girls to be exact.  I had to stop myself at 5-or I would have had more flower girls than our entire wedding party.  We have my two nieces, a young cousin, and two other little ones that I’ve been taking care of for a long time. 

For flower girl dresses, I had to fight the norm yet again.  Flower girl dresses really creep me out.  I don’t like the idea of little girls looking like brides.  I mean, I really really really don’t like it.  SO, I was on a hunt to find non-flower girl dresses.  And I found them!  Through Etsy, of course.  I found Catherine of It’s a Party, Let’s Wear Hats.  She created the cutest flower girl ballerina outfits!


Cute, huh?  Then my mom and I made the pomander  balls for them to carry.  Here is the finished product:


We’re still tweaking the pomander balls a little.  I want them to be fuller with a few more feathers!  I’m really happy with how they turned out, and I think the girls are going to look so sweet on the farm looking like little fairies!

Are any of you ladies doing something unique/creative with your flower girl’s outfits?  I have seen a wedding where a grown man was the “flower girl”.  I thought that was absolutely hilarious!