Goodbye to Rebekah Anne

To all our readers,

With both happiness and sadness we announce that Rebekah Anne is leaving Elizabeth Anne Designs.  We’re sad because it means the end of our partnership in EAD.  We’re happy because she’s leaving to move to Nicaragua, a place both she and her husband love.

EAD has grown into a business that requires a great deal of attention. Because of the complexities of living overseas, Rebekah’s involvement in the day to day operations of EAD isn’t feasible. Rebekah will stay on as a columnist for EAD Living, so you can expect to hear more about her move and adjusting to life in Nicaragua. She is also starting a new blogzine called Honeysuckle Life.

We have been the best of friends for over half of our lives and our friendship has only grown and matured through EAD.  We are so grateful to have this community of fellow bloggers and brides. Thank you so much for all of your comments and emails.  They mean the world to us.

With love,

Rebekah Anne and Ami Elizabeth