Mannequins and Mannequins

What a week it’s been – first Bridesmaid C. and Maid-of-Honor K. came to visit.  We spent three days shopping and getting pedicures and generally wasting all kinds of time.  C. lives out of state, so we have to enjoy her while we can.  They are both better dressers than I am, so I was also busy absorbing style.


(my favorite photo of them, from last spring)

Then yesterday, just about when I thought I was getting things in order again, DJ and I went to Indiana to visit Kim Hall for lunch and some pictures.  Kim spent most of the afternoon wrangling our awkward selves, snapping away and chatting.  It was a blast, and I’m really excited to see the pictures.

Teaser: we brought the mannequins.  Oh yes.  Bet you’ve never seen engagement photos with mannequins.  I mean, why would you?

Did you use any unusual props?  If you leave a link and a pitch I’ll see about sweet-talking E. into posting a few.