Really NOW: Jamie and Jeff!

J&J were one of the FUNNEST couples that my team and I have worked with! They’ve got spunk, they’ve got sass, and more than that… they’re pretty down right gorgeous. I love a couple that doesn’t take anything too seriously! They were actually already technically married before they had “the wedding”, which made the event that much more memorable for their friends and family… and added that extra ounce of fun!

These wedding pictures are a HUGE treat-skie for me because I just got them today. Jamie and Jeff’s wedding was last September and I knew that Tony Florez was going to KILL it with their photos. Right I was! I was so so SO excited, image by image, going through all of these today! With no further delay…


An effortlessly gorgeous Jamie.


And meeting up with her handsome firefighter-husband, Jeff:



Did I mention that they used their wedding to also formally baptize their son, Riley? Um yeah TOOO CUTE. So touching. So amazing.




I love that Jamie kept the decor light and very beach-friendly. The colors were sandy and seaweed inspired, for sure. Elegant beach wedding at it’s finest, with the decadent backdrop that only the San Clemente Historic Cottage can provide for such a reasonable price!





I think Jamie looks like the Mario Brothers Princess when she jumps in that dress!! :)


Some details:



Possibly my favorite beach-themed cake EVER!


And some reception shots:



They started with a traditional, slow, sweet first dance…


And quickly put the FUNK back into their steps by spicing up this number!!




One last moody-blue image of the cake by nightfall for you:


I love a good mood-filled shot! I’ll be honest- my team totally ROCKED this wedding in my absence! While I was out celebrating 5 years with my magical man-tastic husband, Alicia and Miriam [my wonderful associates] totally took care of J&J from head to toe! I’m so proud of them for what they’ve accomplished in the time they’ve been with me and ITN! Hope you loved the pictures as much as I did, as always….

You can see more pictures and details from their event here on my blog, too!

What are you doing to totally ROCK your reception?? It can be anything from funky dancing, to a dessert buffet, to upgraded linens! Make it you, make it loud, make it proud! I wanna hear all of YOUR unique ideas, too!

Love, love, love… and never quit!


A. Auer