Make sure you get my good side!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that Garrett and I finally have silhouettes after the months I’d seen them all over every wedding blog. While I don’t think we’ll be fully on board with a silhouette themed wedding, I think I would like to display them at our reception.


How we obtained such wonders of modern science:


Garrett and I went with his family (including cute little cousins) to Disney World where they have stands set up with artists that hand scissor silhouettes! The cost? $8 per person, $8 for a frame (optional) and you automatically get 2 copies of the print (they cut two sheets at a time so that the other copy is opposite.


Worth it? Yes! I love it! I asked our artist, Anthony, how he was trained and Disney takes them in as artists and trains them in different skills, so he can do caricatures and other mediums but prefers the quickness of the silhouette. And it is quick, something like 3 minutes for each of us. If I thought we could afford it I would hire a silhouette artist for our reception. But I suppose our fabric “photobooth” will be just as fun.

Are you incorporating the ever-popular silhouette into your event?