Operation: fit back into the dress.

So, this last month has been eventful.  Not event eventful, but food eventful.  For some reason I’ve been dying to try a million recipes this month (and not for healthy salads or anything…I’m talking cake recipes, cookie recipes, pasta dishes…) and then I’ve been chowing down!! Add on top of that the fact that we had a huge wonderful girl’s night out to celebrate (not quite a bachelorette, but there were embarrassing tiaras involved) at Maggiano’s…and I’ve gained 5 pounds this month.

Which is not that much, don’t get me wrong….unless you’re only 5’5 and have a snug dress to fit into!  My final dress fitting is in 2 weeks, so it’s time to lay it down, hardcore.  So here’s the plan:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1/2 hour elliptical, 10 minutes walking at a 4 mph pace at a 5% incline (hello, gluteus! there you are!)
Tuesday, Thursday: Ab work and arm toning, with pushups, tricep dips, chest presses, and rows.
Saturday: The tough day.  My best friend J and I run the steps at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna.  We’re working our way up to 10 times on the stairs, and lemme tell you, they are a doozy…

{Photo from author’s personal collection}

In terms of diets, I’m thinking lots of fruits, veggies, and chicken/turkey soup.  Obviously this isn’t all I’ll eat, but it’ll be the basis. I mean, 5 pounds in 2 weeks? Eep!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  What are you ladies doing to get in shape for your day? How’s it coming along??