Dress Shopping – Mother of the Bride Edition

A couple of months ago, my mother and I went out dress shopping. After having finally settled on my dress and the bridesmaid dresses, this time we were shopping for her although we didn’t actually intend to make a purchase that day. We were hoping to simply narrow styles down to a silhouette or two that looked great on her so we could start watching sales and keeping an eye on some of our favorite online retailers. Low and behold, a couple of hours later we had a gorgeous dress at a great price and our shopping was complete.


This was one of the first dresses we really liked, although we had discussed shortening it to make it less like a bridesmaid dress. With that said, the color was great on her, the fabric was appropriate for the formality of our wedding and the cut was very appealing on her body type. Ironically, this was the only dress I wrote down the information for and yet it’s the only dress that I can’t identify for you. Oops!


This dress was very comfortable and super flattering, although perhaps a little bit less formal than we were after. It was actually a bridesmaid dress, After Six 6274, and the georgette fabric was surprisingly forgiving. I think with the right accessories it would have been really great.


Despite looking miserable in this picture, my mother actually fell head over heels in love with this dress. Like me, she’s a lover of aqua and all shades of teal/blue/blue green/green blue. It had some bling going on, something we never were looking for, but it was actually perfect for her. It’s a special occasions dress by Venus that we got for less than $150 with tax as we were able to buy it off the rack and take it home that day. This picture makes it appear like a halter, but that’s only because the straps were very long and had to be tied together in the back to keep them up. Next month we’re going to visit a seamstress to have the straps shortened, the cups sewn together a bit to add a bit more coverage as my mom is quite modest, and we’re also going to shorten it to knee length, so it’s more cocktail attire and less black tie. I think it’s really perfect for the formality of our event, while still allowing her to be comfortable in what is sure to be another insanely hot and humid July in upstate NY.

Did you go shopping with your mom or are you planning to – or did she go it alone? Is anyone else’s mom planning to ditch the dumpy Mother of the Bride dresses and rock something fun and pretty like the rockin’ 52 year old mom she is?