The biggest/most expensive day of your life

I suppose this post is a bit of a vent and a conversation in my head about where I can actually cut costs for my wedding and where I would regret it later. And the main category in my mind is personal appearance. Here’s a list of things I/you might be spending for your big day that you don’t have to.

photo by amelia strauss

-Tanning $30-40/mo or $30 for 1 spray tan

Hair and Hair trial $60-200

Makeup $50 trial + $80-100 day of

Facial $50 and up

Pedicure $30

Manicure $20

Hair coloring $60-100

Teeth whitening $30 at home -$150 at the dentist

-Bikini wax $60

-Gym membership $30-40/mo. additional for personal trainer

The problem I have is that I could justify every one of these expenses. When I went to prom in 10th grade I had my nails done (tips, what was I thinking?), my hair, and my makeup (at the clinique counter for free but we bought a lot of makeup too), and I tanned for a month before (“mom, I run track and I have awful tan lines!” true, but still probably not worth it). That was prom, an insignificant dance, and this is the biggest day of my life (up till now).

I might skip out on the tanning and hope to catch enough sun on my little balcony to make up for it; I may get my hair dyed professionally since I’ve been $3 dyeing it for about 5 years now and I want to look natural for the big day (I’m close to my natural color now but the discrepancy between summer and winter hair is showing up quite clearly). As far as hair and makeup, I kind of want to do my own. I think it’s the pride that comes from DIY. Not how much money I saved, but rather, ohmygosh you did that yourself! That might be risky. But I’ve been trusting one of my bridesmaids with my hair since probably 7th grade or so and I’m kind of fearless in that department. That doesn’t mean I’m not planning on treating myself to an honest salon quality haircut between now and October. I’ve exhausted my patience for the $8 and $12 haircuts at haircuttery and great clips and wherever else I dare to venture. I kind of feel like I’m becoming a grown-up. Pedicure? Yes, because I’ve never ever had one. Gym membership? Yes, but I’m holding off till closer to the big day. I burn out easily and I think once I have just 2 months to go I’ll kick it into high gear and want to add tone to my current regimen of running when the mood hits me and not eating quite so much [and avoiding burgers and fries].

So my question to you is, which are you leaving out (if any) and which are must haves? For those of you already married, do you regret not doing one of the above or do you realize you could’ve done without some of them?