Day-after brunches

One of the amazing things about our wedding is how many of our guests will be coming from out of town. Only about 20% of our guests live in Colorado–which makes us feel so special that so many of our close friends are willing to travel such distances for us. Rather than thanking our guests with favors which they may or may not want to pack in their suitcases, we chose to celebrate by having a series of wedding events the entire week our guests will be in town: and we’re most excited about the Sunday brunch the morning after the wedding, which is coincidentally also Father’s Day! We’ll be hosting it at my parent’s house in the mountains, about 10 minutes from the venue. The plan is to have a bunch of cozy tables set up all around the property (we can reuse our centerpieces!) where guests can sit and mingle and eat, a la the below photo…so calm and pretty!

{Photo from Sylvie Gil via StyleMePretty}

I’m so excited to be able to wake up with my new husband on Sunday morning and drive over to my parent’s house where we can enjoy some delicious food and say goodbye to our loved ones in a less rushed and hectic environment. My sister’s fiance (she’s getting married in October!) will be heading up the cooking…he’s an amazing chef! On the menu so far:

Many frittatas and quiche
Multiple varieties of scones
Chocolate croissants
Fresh fruits
German-style pancakes (very thin, filled with preserves! A family tradition!)

I’m almost looking forward to the brunch more than the wedding! It’s going to be a great opportunity to hang out with our friends and family and relax a bit before we have to go back to work on Monday.

Are any of you doing a day-after brunch? What’s on your menu?

Much love,