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The Now Nitty Gritty: Chapter 1

Splicing my post with some sweet sources of inspiration for your big day!


I was asked by one of my clients the other day how I’ll know when I’ve “made it” as an event designer. I replied immediately “when I see myself being published all OVER the place- print, web, everywhere!”. And I still think that’s true! To be “someone” in this industry, you need to be accessible to anyone, and you really need to keep up with the times and trends. Something I tend to do lurking from my own quiet corner of the world.


But really, the more thought I put into it, the more I knew that I already have made it. At least, for myself. My heart is in 100% of what I do. How I work, who I am, and what I love all become totally intertwined into this dream job that I’m living each day. And THAT makes me a success. Don’t you think? My next short series will be a play by play about how I got to be where I am, and maybe even a post on where I’d like to go. Not sure how many of you readers are interested in planning, or in my story, but here it goes anyway… as real and candid as it gets. And please, feel free to comment with questions! I’ll answer ’em, promise you! It may not be the answer you’ll want or need, but it’ll be real!



Step 1: The Inspiration.

Yep. You must, MUST be inspired to work in this industry. And I’m not talking about a whim. You have to be gut-wrenchingly in love with love. With work. With weddings. Because it is a lot of work. It’s a lifestyle more than anything and to give up the way you currently live your life, a cozy [but seemingly mundane] 9am to 5pm job that allows you weekends off and time with your man… well, you have to see the sacrafices be worth it. My husband and I FIGHT together against this exhausting lifestyle so that we can stay happily connected. In tune. In love. Because that makes me a better event coordinator. My love affects the way I view love, how motivated I am to help people get married, and my attitude towards the entire engagement experience. In a few words: LOVE what you do. Do it well. Do it daily.



My story:

I didn’t jump into this industry with both feet full in right away. I took my time. I’ll be honest when I say that I am completely jaded to “newly-weds” wanting to be planners. Most of the time, these ladies are just on a euphoric high from planning their own nuptials and really don’t know what goes into the “job” of it, the “process” of it, or the HEART of it. I didn’t want to be one of those girls. I didn’t want to re-live my own wedding time and time again… I had to think about this whole thing. I had to really THINK on if I was in it to win it. And that took time. The best thing you can do is really search yourself, and give it time. Finding your “dream” career can be a huge decision and it’s always well worth the wait!







The honest-to-gosh-reality of these pictures: 99% of them were supplied by the one and only Martha Stewart herself. It’s amazing what you can find when you google “Martha Stewart Wedding Cake” [and the last picture was the one I actually set out to find!]!! The other two [between the inspiration piece and my story] are compliments of the amazingness that IS My Sweet and Saucy. Melody is amazing and so so SO talented. These are just an itty bitty chunk. You won’t regret checking her out, too!

Hope your day is filled with deliciously sweet affections!


A. Auer