Our Popcorn Bar

One of my favorite elements of our wedding so far is definitely our popcorn bar.  Vince and I are HUGE popcorn eaters, and I love the idea of having different flavors for our guests to chose from.  I found this picture here after doing a google image search:


While I love this style, I found the jars to be impractical for scooping popcorn out easily.  One day at Hobby Lobby my mom and I came across these:


We bought the three that they had, and I’m still on the hunt for one more.  I think they are perfect because 1) they are big so the staff won’t have to worry about refilling them every hour and 2) the mouth is wide enough for a hand and scoop to get in and out! YAY!

I had one of my favorite etsy sellers, Julie with Bohtieque, make our labels to go on the popcorn bags.  She matched our invitations perfectly (which I just realized I need to show y’all…next post!)…


We haven’t found the bags we are going to use yet, but that’s the easy part!  I also haven’t decided which online popcorn store I’m going to be ordering from, but again, that’s just about pricing them and ordering.

I know candy buffets are popular, but are any of you lovely ladies doing an interactive favor like this?