During 80% of our relationship, my fiance and I have been full time graduate students.  My fiance’s graduation symbolized so much more than just accomplishing hard work…it symbolizes the beginning of a new era.  We can now dedicate 100% of our time to wedding planning.  Psych!  Just kidding.  But definitely at least 50%!  Long gone will be study dates at the library, late-night dates in the cafeteria, and all night celebrations in Manhattan but the best is yet to come, eh?

My beau and I.

How will our relationship change?  Will we learn how to live a normal life, 9-5?  Unfortunately, we won’t learn that yet.  I have landed my dream job in DC, and he  his in Houston.  So for at least the next 6 months we will be long-distance.  It breaks my heart that we are living apart at a time where I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but this is a curse of the modern couple I suppose.  Have any of you had similar experiences?  How do you deal with being engaged and apart?