I love cake, cakey, cakey, cake

Ok, so you have to love the movie Anchor Man to know why that title is funny-but at least I make myself laugh, right?

Guess what I got to do today?

Yup!  You guessed it!  Tell em what they’ve won, Bob…

Pictures and descriptions of my cake!  Lucky you!

I got to taste our cake today…

Ok, so I didn’t want a cake in the beginning.  I am not a fan of the cake cutting tradition, and I am TERRIFIED of the tackiness that is smashing cake in faces.  Vince promises he won’t (and I’ve threatened instant annulment if he does) but he loves a joke and a prank, and I’m still afraid he’ll do it.  I have nightmares, seriously.

My parents really wanted a cake, and since I didn’t care strongly either way, I agreed.  THEN, I came across this wedding cake, and I was excited…

wedding cake with berries
{Megan W}

I absolutely love this cake.  We hired our baker through a recommendation.  I emailed her the picture and she said it would be no problem.  I really wanted it to be simple and rustic.

I chose the flavors-her famous sour cream pound cake for two layers, and her INCREDIBLE chocolate cake for the other two.  For the filling we have coconut cream and chocolate ganache.  YUM.  The funny thing is, we hired her without trying the cake.  I trust our coordinator, and when she said the cake is delicious I believed her.  My mom was a little less trusting.  She has been worried about the taste of the cake, so I set up a tasting with our baker for today.

She was wonderful in person and she brought us four squares of chocolate cake, four squares of pound cake-and tupperware containers of the filling.  Oh. My. Goodness.  YUM. The cake was amazing.  I brought some home for my non-sweet tooth Dad, and HE loved it.  Vince loved it, and most importantly, my Mom loved it!

Here is all that was left after we all had our turn with the cake!

cake leftovers

Ah, what a great day.

How did you ladies chose your cakes?  Did you find inspiration or did you pick from your bakers portfolio?  Is your cake going to match your dress?  I always think that is so neat.