It’s like rain on your wedding day?

I would’ve loved to plan an outdoor wedding. Especially if I was friends with someone in Birmingham with a big back yard. Minus renting all those chairs (which, by the way, I am in love with this wedding in which they brought pews outside), I think it would make for a beautiful, wonderful, lovely event. As long as the weather was nice, not too hot, not too humid, and didn’t rain. So, what I’m wondering, is how people are having outdoor weddings? Just the thought of needing a backup would stress me out. I can envision me with this perfect scene in my head, then being forced inside a tent or building watching the rain fall on my outdoor wonderland. Do these people live somewhere where it just doesn’t rain?

{Meg Perotti from Lori and Lee’s adorable wedding}

On another note, the past two wedding weekends I’ve shot were rainy days. The wedding planner at the wedding on May 16th (Deanna Morgan, if you are in the Bham and need a coordinator or planner let me know and I’ll send you her info, she was so sweet and helpful versus some who are forceful and rude) told us that if you have a rainy wedding day you can take a bottle and catch the rain water and baptize your children with it. How sweet is that? The bride wanted it to rain more so she could have that. I also think rain can make for fun photos if you just go with it and don’t let it get you down. (See above, where the couple had my color scheme which makes me love it even more.) If it rains on my wedding day I hope I’ll have an umbrella and get awesome shots out of it. What better day to make out in the rain than your wedding day? Plus, it’s good luck or something ;)

And FYI, if this year is at all typical for Birmingham, I wouldn’t recommend getting married in April or May here if you don’t want rain. I can’t remember the last weekend it wasn’t dreary. Just make sure you have a cute pair of wellies and an umbrella, at least.

Amelia Strauss Photography, from our e-shoot