Engagement Honeymooon

By the time you all read this, Dave and I will be floating down the Nile in Egypt. We planned this trip last minute – just a few weeks ago – when our Egyptian friend offered to host us at his home in Cairo. Having lived abroad for many years ourselves, we love traveling with a local and jumped at the opportunity to realize one of our livelong dreams.

It’s decisions like this that scare us….well, that scare us into thinking we won’t be able to too make them once we “settle down.” “Just wait until you are married,” people say, “You won’t be able to do this. You will be an adult.”

When I hear this I smile and say, “we’ll see” as I try to brush off their destiny of doom. Although our lives will undoubtedly change, with marriage and with the arrival of children, we have some control over our decisions and, you know, kids live all over the world …they can travel. I know, I know, you are thinking, “Just wait and see,” but being the stubborn idealist I am, I still say, “We’ll see.”

Crazy as it may seem, this trip will be the first time we’ve spent a week together since we got engaged a few months ago (since I’m in DC and he in NYC). It’s our engagement honeymoon :) I’m seriously stoked about spending 10 hours on a plane next to my beau, and we’re looking forward to making some wedding decisions out there. I’ll begun planning our engagement party next week and will share with you the details then! Have a great week!