Pretty pretty pictures! (And a sneak peak of Sunday’s DIY!)

Captain’s log: May 27, 2009. We’re at T-24 days to the big day, and things are looking stable, if complicated.

You may note my sleep deprivation in the following post, and for that I must apologize. I’ve been up late working on our Bride and Groom chair covers, which I’m SUPER duper excited about and will be blogging about shortly (scroll down for sneak peek!). However, onward and upward to an amazing development in our wedding planning process…our super duper photographers. I think a photographer’s photos say the most about them; so without further ado: some great work from Andrew and Jessica (Oh and did I mention that they’re huge advocates of going green? So not only are they awesome, but they love what we love: our momma earth. Rad.)


I don’t think I can even say enough to praise them (yes, them! They’re a husband and wife team, which just adds to the fun and amazing-nessity of the day). They’re super friendly, attentive, detailed, and more than anything: FUN! Totally fit the bill.


Their photos are so clean:they don’t require photoshop touch ups, effects, or anything. Their work is artistic, yet it lets the honesty of the moment shine through.


They recently traveled to Philly to photograph the wedding above. Totally amazing architecture, and totally amazing bride!


Love the motion in this one…can’t you just imagine her running late, dashing to the church?



The above was taken at our venue…love how green and bright it is!


There’s the sense of humor….




and again!




So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to Andrew and Jessica for making our big photo dreams possible. Heart.

To other brides/grooms looking for a fun-loving duo to help you capture your day…don’t hesitate on this one. They’re a-ma-zing.

Tune in Sunday for the chair covers! Here’s a sneak peek!


(Crud my pictures look like crap after those!)

Much love,