Really NOW: Yvonne and Mike!

Taking a break this week from my sessions on being a wedding planner to bring you some of the most gorgeous eye candy this side of the Grand Canyon!


A few weeks ago in April I had the pleasure of working with Sarah K. Chen at one of my area’s most sought-after venues, Ranchos Las Lomas!


The key to exceptional portraits: smile with your eyes. Study America’s Next Top Model ladies, what they say is true! Don’t forget it! Practice in front of the mirror. Take LOTS of pictures while you’re engaged, and be ready to commit. Yvonne committed to this rule and gave Sarah an easy time- look how naturally gorgeous each of her photos feel!!



This photo is possibly my favorite candid ceremony moment, EVER. I LOVE the whole ambiance of it. True love!




One of the gorgeous ceremony set up for you:


Flower Allie seriously ROCKED the flowers for this wedding! The crescent-shaped arrangements at each end of the aisle were re-used as tall centerpieces in the room. I LOVE that shape. It’s interesting. It’s unique. It’s classically gorgeous.


[Yvonne if you don’t frame the above picture in less than a month and have it sitting on your mantle… you are CRAZY person]. It’s effortless perfection.


Yvonne’s hand made details were crazy! She did SUCH a good job putting this gorgeous event together. Each element was perfectly crafted, thought through, and incredible to look at!



<3 crescents!!! <3




A little later in the evening, Yvonne pulled out this short little dancing dress. Are you DYING yet? You shouldda seen it in person! She ROCKED it. So so so cute.



These delicious vellum-wrapped candles were EVERYWHERE. She’s such a trooper!


And now, my big surprise for you all… EXTRA eye candy. Sarah brought with her a budding new photographer quickly making his rounds as a 2nd shooter for “the best” this year, his name is Jeret Slack and he’s quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. WATCH OUT ladies… he is worth every dime! Some of his ooey gooey goodness from Y&M’s wedding:





Like, seriously, can I just have him follow me around at all of my weddings? I’d have a GORGEOUS gallery then!




UGH. My gosh, I love them. And a few details from him:





Hope you’re all having a LOVELY and wonderful week. Don’t you just love a good holiday?? I do realize it throws everything out of balance, but it’s nice to stop, breathe, and rest… and if you can do it with friends and loved ones, then hey- I’m all for it!

And by the way- if you’re interested in an internship position and are in the southern California area, pop over here, to my blog, for details. We down for fun and love more than anything else!

Figure out what it is today that makes you tick- then do it often!


A. Auer