What does your registry say about you?

Almost all wedding registries include the basics: dinnerware and flatware, pots and pans, knives, kitchen electrics like blenders and toasters and mixers, towels, and sheets. But colors and styles are what set each one apart. The choices really reflect the personality of the couple. I actually find it pretty fun to check out what couples choose to decorate their homes and entertain their guests. It’s a little glimpse into their lives.

We started our registries back in February. Benefit to starting early is that we were able to include the list on our website before sending our Save the Dates. Disadvantage is that some of the things we chose then are no longer available.

We found a few items at Macy’s, but we were extremely impressed by the selection and customer service at Bed Bath & Beyond. The bridal registry consultant shared ideas we hadn’t even considered. For example, we really did not think we wanted china. But we changed our minds when she introduced us to Noritake. It’s incredibly durable, dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and casual – adjectives I would not have previously used to describe china. So we added the Colorwave sets to our list, in a variety of colors.


We also scanned the KitchenAid 5-Quart Artisan Stand Mixer in red (we’ve been drooling over that for months), Calphalon cookware, a Cuisinart Griddler, and a Magic Bullet.

I think Nick let me hold the scan gun for a whole two minutes! But he did scan me and declare me to be “priceless.” Yes, this is my husband-to-be!

We found great white square dinnerware from Pottery Barn and lovely glassware from Crate and Barrel. We decided not to limit the number of stores at which we set up registries because most people shop online anyway.

So what does our registry say about us as a couple? First and foremost, it says we’re food people. We are the culinary couple, after all. In addition to the aforementioned, we also registered for cheese knives, an olive oil sprayer, a sifter, and several cutting boards. And we love to entertain so we added platters and servers and a cake dome.

We did, however, have a tough time selecting home décor. How are we to choose the colors of our bath towels and the design of our bedspread when we can’t yet picture our future home?

Onto color — I think it’s become apparent that we like red. I have red couches, red luggage, a red Vera Bradley purse, and a red car. And, yes, Nick likes it, too. Just recently, I’ve seen him pick up red plant pots and compliment red paint. So it’s only natural we chose all red KitchenAid appliances from the stand mixer to the blender to the food processor.


Red exudes energy and enthusiasm, not to mention passion and desire. To me, it’s also warm and cozy. Whereas stainless steel – a popular choice for a lot of brides – says sophistication and elegance. It’s pure, clean, and formal. We have a few stainless steel items on our list, too, including a toaster and colanders.

And our style? Well, I already mentioned our decision to choose casual china. I know many brides and grooms choose Lenox stemware, Waterford crystal, Mikasa dinnerware, and real silver. But that’s just not us. We’d rather have our cupboards filled with pilsner glasses and colorful coffee mugs.

We may still add a home brewing kit (another indicator of our couple personality) and the option to gift honeymoon excursions. (Check out Honeymoon Wishes, if you’re interested in something like this.)

What does your registry say about you? Did you add any unique or unexpected items? Or did you forgo the traditional registry all together?