Buttonhole and Bouquet Trial

At just over two weeks out, things have suddenly got extremely busy. Still, at the weekend we found time to have a quick trial for the bouquets and buttonholes. We had confirmation that the farm grown peonies will be guaranteed for us, so I have ordered 100 white peonies to make 4 bouquets. I decided not to waste money on practising on peonies so I bought some carnations {as that is what we shall use for the buttonholes} and my almost mother-in-law and I made up a couple:

{Top left image by Michael Carr Photography; all other images from Author’s personal collection}

I have written before about the flowers so I won’t say too much more other than it was easier than I thought to make bouquets and the buttonholes. I bought some florists tape from e-bay which is green and papery and sort of sticks to itself. You simply wrap it round, overlapping the edges by half and then finish it off by making sure it is firmly stuck together. We used a bit of fluffy hedge material to go with the carnation for the buttonhole and a pearl headed pin to attach it to the lapel {or shirt, in the photo above}. For the bouquets, I trimmed the leaves off the stalks and bound them together in bunches of three, which I then grouped together to make a larger bouquet. I then wrapped ribbon round the green tape, in exactly the same way, pinning it with the pins at an angle so they remained in the stalks. On the day, I am aiming for something like the top left image for me, and something a little smaller for the bridesmaids.

Also at the weekend we finished and printed 105 orders of service. All we need to do now is pick the readings. I will share the photos of these after the event as I do not want to ruin the effect for the guests. Also to come whilst we are on our honeymoon will be posts about the bridesmaids presents, which for obvious reasons I am unable to share, and possibly a sneak peek of a wedding photo or two…

I am away on my hen party this weekend, so expect plenty of tea party photos next week. I am going with 16 of my girlfriends to a country cottage {in the grounds of a castle} and we are having a 1920/30s themed tea party with cucumber sandwiches, scones, cakes, tea and champagne. The weather forecast is for sunshine and I am very excited.

How are all of you other June brides doing?