My Dress Is In!

Last week while I was excitedly and happily pushing my body to the brink of complete exhaustion in NYC for the National Stationery Show (and getting to visit with lovely ladies E and Nole – yay!), I finally got the call from the bridal shop that my dress was in – woohoo! Naturally, I made sure to fit in a visit to try it on while home to spend the holiday weekend with family. I made sure my mother and sister were there with me, waiting anxiously in turn for each of them to arrive. We were all so excited, even more excited that it fit perfectly aside from needing to be taken in up top (A sad side effect of losing 100+ lbs is that you lose your boobs too, damnit) and it zipped without difficulty. Yes, yes, I was that bride who ordered her dress a size too small, and I’m damn happy to announce that the sucker fits like a glove!

At any rate, I was all set to parade around in it when I realized we were going to have a problem. I wasn’t wearing my shoes yet – those lovely JCrew shoes I had received as a Christmas gift from my father specifically to wear with my dress – and the dress was only a smidge too long with me in bare feet. “Shit. It’s too short.” Needless to say, those are not the first words you want to come flying out of your mouth when you first put on your wedding dress. And apparently, they were not the first words my mother wanted to hear, especially once I put the shoes on and she realized I was right – the dress didn’t even skim my toes with shoes on. Yes, the same shoes I had on when I had my hollow to hem measurement taken. Shit. So out came the measuring tapes, copies of the order placed with Casablanca and the quick verdict that my dress had been cut to a hollow to hem measurement of 56″ as opposed to the 58″ I needed. Isn’t that charming?

So after a quick recovery, which I pulled off in an effort to keep my mother [who also has pneumonia the moment] from getting too upset (seriously, it’s only a dress after all), I offered to simply find new shoes if Casablanca would reimburse the $140 my father had spent on the shoes I had planned to wear with my dress. We headed off to lunch while the awesome ladies at the shop got on the phone and not an hour later I received a call asking that I stop back in so they could double and then triple check measurements as Casablanca had readily agreed to send a new dress right away. Problem solved! And honestly, I’m totally impressed with how both the shop and Casablanca handled the issue…so now, with just 54 days to go, I’m waiting on my dress. Again. I’m told it should be in quickly this time around as it was a mistake on their end and therefore I’ll get bumped to the head of the production list. Fingers crossed it’s perfect next time around!


And in the meantime, an obligatory blurry cell phone picture of the dress I so adore as worn without shoes. Isn’t it lovely? I promise more photos soon! Did anyone else have a snag in the dress ordering and fitting process?