Some Sweet Little Details…

There are lots of little details that us brides get hung up on.  When I first started planning our wedding, I wanted to do EVERYTHING I came across.  As the planning continued, I realized that I needed to pick things that were the most important to me, and go from there.  With that being said, we are still ending up with FOUR favors for our guests rather than just one.  We have the Popcorn Bar, which I’ve told you all about…and then we have these fun additions:

A basket of flip flops on the dance floor… so our guests can dance the night away…

{found here}

And a basket of pashminas!  Our venue is in the North Georgia Mountains in the fall-while the weather may be warm in late October, I’d rather be safe than sorry and have pashminas as an option for anyone who might be chilly…

{found here}

In addition to those three favors, my mom is also making “ring bowls”.  I know you’ve seen them on blogs everywhere.  Etsy seller Palomas Nest makes some gorgeous ones.  My mom is very into pottery, so when I told her I wanted her to make a ring bowl for our ring bearer to carry, she took it a HUGE step further.  She is making a bowl for each and every guest!


They are turning out so beautifully, and our coordinator is just going to scatter them amongst the center pieces on the tables!


How about you ladies?  Did any of you get carried away with favors for your wedding?