Peonies, DIY, jewelry, apparel…oh yes. This post has it all.


Phew. Sorry. I get a little excited when it comes to weekends lately. After all, I’m still in class, studying for finals, getting ready to start my internship, planning a wedding, moving, trying to keep my fiance sane as he studies for the board exams…phew! So weekends are always a welcome time for me to catch up on sleep and wedding details.

Unfortunately, it’s been drizzly and rainy here in Southern Cal. All the more reason for me to stay in bed with a nice cup of hot chocolate and peruse some blogs…alas! There is no time, mon petit choux! I realized today that I’ll be flying back to Colorado in exactly 2 weeks! That means it’s panic time here in wedding planning land. Here are a few of the things I’ve done this week:

{Photo from author’s personal collection of semi-blurry photos}

Our bride and groom chair covers are (finally!) complete. They certainly took some work and were a definite labor of love. They consist of a linen background, the flowers I showed you all how to DIY last week, feathers, some leaves cut from scrap fabric, and ribbon to tie them to the chairs with. I think I’ll be reworking the lettering on the “bride” cover to make them look a bit more uniform, but overall I”m fairly happy with them! They fit right into my homespun, kraft-y wedding. And while all these little details may be a lot of work…I just know I won’t be satisfied with myself if I don’t give my wedding it’s own personal thumbprint. Speaking of which, I’m thinking/hoping/wishing/praying that peonies will still be blooming mid-June: please look.

{From author’s collection}

DROOOOOOOL! How is it that peonies can just class it up merely by plopping down in a cup and saying “here I am! Admire me!” They’re sitting here by my bed right now, putting off the most amazing scent ever. Pleasepleaseplease keep blooming, lil’ peonies! 3 more weeks! (More eye candy below!)

Also ordered my custom necklace this week. I really wanted something fun to go with my dress, so I ordered a custom necklace from Etsy seller Florabond. She made me this beautiful piece (which she’s now selling in her shop if you’re interested!) I can’t wait to bring it in to my final fitting on Saturday to try with my dress. I’ll be bringing a friend and a camera this time, so you all can finally see it!

{Photo via Florabond}

That’s not all…I finally purchased my wrap this week. June evenings in the Colorado mountains can definitely have a chill. I couldn’t seem to get into the satin-y wraps though (too stiff? too formal? too…grandma?), so I found this at the anthropologie sale (oh yes…that’s $88 marked down to $19!). It’s a bit different and quirky; “just like you!” (thanks, dr. dave).

{From author’s collection}

Something had been nagging me for a long time. Every time I laid in bed at night I was dreaming about….a moustache on a stick. Oh yes….you must have seen the photos.

{From Etsy shop of somethingshidinginhere)

Oh-so-many amazing photo ops. So I finally bit the bullet and purchased it: the bartender style from Etsy seller somethingshidinginhere. It’s also partially in honor of my FBIL, brandon, who has an uncanny ability to grow great facial hair:

(Exhibit A. From FBIL b)

I have a feeling my mother will think me crazy, but what kind of party is it without a hand-carved moustache on a stick, I asks ya?

Finally, we had our mini-bachelorette party…which consisted of 25 of my greatest girlfriends from business school going to Maggiano’s and stuffing our faces. The table was just ridiculously beautiful; I had to show it to you:


The food was delicious and the company was rad. We had a great time; thanks girls!

Sorry for the incongruity of this post…and any post to follow! I have a feeling there will be more and more of these as we get closer to the big day, as we’re trying to cram in as much as possible!

Most importantly, the countdown has begun, and I’m realizing more new factoids every day: that I’m more excited for our life after the wedding than I am for the reception. That it doesn’t matter if the flower colors are just right; as long as my closest friends and family are there to smell them. It’s the little things that make life fun and special: the smell of rain, clean sheets, fresh peaches, or a single peony. Speaking of which, here’s the rest of the eye candy!




Much love,