My STDs (snicker snicker)

I enjoy using the abbreviation for save the date a little too much. And I’ve taken FOREVER to make these but I’m really pleased with how they turned out.


I used my gocco, and I mixed my own ink since I didn’t have navy (giant pain, it would’ve been worth it to buy a tube of navy if I’d found one easily online). I would never make my invitations with the gocco, I have no patience and this project made me really frustrated, mainly because of the mixing. I only made 50 since I’m not sending STDs out to everyone on our guest list. I’m sending them as postcards and the back has our web address and ways to contact us. The inspiration for them is a little bit of art nouveau (from a metro entrance in Paris), along with a hedgehog and cottontail because we are mildly obsessed with no good reason.

image source

We looked at different colored papers but the white popped the most and was the most wedding. I think the invites will be similar in color scheme (but hopefully letterpressed and more polished).


(author’s collection) the strange creature behind the STDs is a cottontail/hedgehog bronze piece that Garrett and I commissioned from Nelson Grice here in town. His name is Harold.

I like that the STDs are unusual and us. I just hope our guests like them and I’ll be glad to have them all out into the mail!