Some Must Have Shots…

So as a frequent visitor of all wedding blogs I can get my hands on, you can imagine that my “must have” folder on my computer is pretty huge.  I’ve managed to whittle it down over the past 6 months-and it now consists of only things we are actually going to have at our wedding.  Gone are the pictures of elaborate flowers, letterpress invitations, fireworks displays, and 12 piece bands.  I think it’s wise to be happy with what you have instead of pining for what you can’t.

In this notorious folder, I have a section of must have shots.  Here are just a few of the shots that I will be showing to David and Kendrick of Our Labor of Love.

Oh, have I mentioned that they are our photographers?  Yeah.  They are.  Which means our pictures are going to be awesome.  Ok, I’m done bragging.  :)

I just love this image, and I know I’ll be doing this at some point in the evening, so I’d love to get a shot of it!!


Since our wedding is in the fall, I’d love a picture of my dress hanging from the gorgeous fall leaf colored tree..


AH!  I love this image!  I can feel so much excitement and anticipation just looking at her hand clenched around her vows!


So, the first wedding accessory I ever purchased (embarrassing fact: I bought it here about 8 months before we were even engaged) was this hour glass.  When I saw this picture, I just knew I wanted to have it delivered to Vince an hour before our ceremony along with my letter to him.  


I’ve shared this image before, because it’s our venue.  This is where we’ll be standing in 144 days!


I mean, does this picture not just SCREAM “bad a$$”???? 


So there you have it!  Those are just a few images that I would love to have captured at our wedding.

Do you girls have specific shots that you want that are outside of the normal shots?