The B-word…Bridezilla!

Oof. Such a strong, hurtful word.

It’s become such a common part of wedding terminology. A girl gets engaged, and bam! It’s “don’t become a Bridezilla!” All of a sudden, a girl who cares about her wedding design or the little details (like a lot of us here at EAD do!) gets the term thrown at her.

Which is not to say the word isn’t completely deserved at times. There are some situations in which the term is warranted. Such as in every scene of the show “Bridezilla.” However…I think the term has become too frequently used in the wedding lexicon.

There is such a double standard going for women who are planning their own weddings. All of a sudden, they are expected to become this entirely different person, and it’s basically required that they start dedicating a large portion of their lives to this one “big day.” We are supposed to follow this specific timeline, accomplishing daunting tasks, making monumental budgetary decisions. Yet at the same time, the bride who is on schedule and focused on these goals; the bride who knows what she wants and how to do it– is termed a Bridezilla.

To a certain extent, it’s fair for the bride and groom to claim, “it’s our day…this is how we see it.” Yet to another extent, it’s about striking a balance between that and what is within their budgets and will make their families happy as well. After all, the day is about bringing families together, reuniting, and enjoying each other. So do many of these details matter? Not really. Does that mean a bride should feel bad for painstakingly creating 150 personalized invitations for her guests or any other small detail? Nope.

So where’s the line? How would you define a Bridezilla?

Much love,