The Now Nitty Gritty: Chapter 3


I’m splicing this post with pictures from one of my biggest inspiration sources: Amy Atlas. A designer known mainly for how fabulous she is at creating decadent dessert tables. As you can see from the pictures: beyond words gorgeous. If you haven’t visited her site, DO IT! You won’t regret it! GO NOW!



Step 3: Going for it!

What’s the best way to learn something? Trial. By. Fire. There’s no real better way to get used to something then to just jump in with two feet [and one heart] and swim to the deep end! Best thing you can do to immerse yourself [and overwhelm yourself]: put up a website. There are plenty of resources out there, and plenty of people willing to be hired and help you get out there [craiglist, much??]. BUT- take your time building it up. Start a splash page and a blog. Post everything. Link to everyone that inspires you. Do NOT put up pictures that aren’t your own on your site- no matter how much you love them. That’s the first way to strip all credibility from you. You’ll get enough under your belt to make your site look schmancy fancy soon enough. Until then- wait it out.


My Story:

My blog launched my business. Before my site. Before anything official. I had a myspace, and I started blogging pictures of my clients. I worked for really cheap- which booked me a lot. I loved it. I can’t tell you this is the way to do it. I can’t even tell you it’s the BEST way. It’s my story- and there isn’t a minute of it that I’d take back. It developed my heart, my mind, my soul… all of them, perfectly, for this job. I booked every client I met with up until last year- that’s when I started to realize that it wasn’t my price that truly made a difference. That’s when I knew it was the personality click that was most important. And here’s the inside scoop on A. Auer: she is not outgoing. She doesn’t feel particularly “personable” on a broad level. She hardly ever feels like she “deserves” the clients/jobs she gets. Could be a strength or weakness, I guess. But it does mean that the MAIN reason I have this job is because of how much I truly, 100% LOVE love. Up until last November, my business was 100% word of mouth. NO advertising. NO mentions, NO anything. Just me and my clients. It got so unbelievably wonderful that I took on assistants, who became capable enough to take their own weddings- and that brings me to today. We’re a growing, budding family of love lovers. A community of ladies that prioritize service, quality, and care above all else. And THAT is something I’m proud to be a part of. Something I’m humbled to have built. Something I’m baffled to have ownership in.

It’s an honor and a privilege. And I cannot imagine doing anything else with my knowledge than being an open book, paying it forward, and being accessible to any budding pro that may need me there. So… if that’s you… just ask.



Hope you’re taking the time today to soak it all in… life is enormous!


A. Auer