One more week until the wedding! Whilst I am finishing a whole host of things I thought I would share with you some photos from my hen party last weekend.

I went with 16 friends to a house in Wales where we sunbathed beside the swimming pool, played games, had a 1920s style tea party and then went to the beach.


The bridesmaids dressed me in a neon pink veil,
My finger and toe nails were painted to match.
I was given a {handmade} garter
which was then removed from me before I was thrown in the pool…
We lay around in our bikinis all afternoon
and then changed into our 20s style outfits for the tea party.


And after the sun bathing came afternoon tea, 1920s style. We sat by the swimming pool in the late afternoon sunshine and ate a beautiful high tea, courtesy of Hannah at Iced.

Each cake stand was laden with sandwiches {cucumber, beef or turkey}, fruit and plain scones, teisin lap, vanilla cupcakes decorated with blue flowers, pimms jellies, lemon tarts and fruit tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, mini frasier cakes piped in royal icing with ‘R’s’ for Rachel, sandwiched mini meringues and ginger lime tarts, all served on mismatched vintage 1920/30s crockery and accompanied with pots of delicious tea.

All the girls made a huge effort with their outfits which I would have loved to show you, but in the interest of friendship, unless they expressly allow me, I shall keep those photos to myself.

Hannah provided 1920s music which we danced the Charleston to as we drank champagne by the pool before hand and which continued to play through out the tea party. It was wonderful and the food was so delicious I lugged the leftovers all the way back to London to share with M the next evening!


After the afternoon tea we played party games:
a bride’s quiz with prizes
20s style crosswords and quiz
a picture round {famous wives}
names on backs {famous couples}
design the best dress out of recycled newspaper
and a bride-wars style fight afterwards
lots of drinking games {with dancing}
and then supper.

A fabulous, fantastic, sun drenched weekend.

{All images by hen party guests; food, crockery and decorations by Iced}