Julia’s Indiana Engagement Session

My disc of engagement photos from Bow Tie Photography has some good stuff on it. Some of it is “ooh, cool picture” and some “I’m so glad she caught that moment.”

Kim did this without a tripod, standing in the middle of the street. It’s three shots, layered. She also replaced the marquee text with our wedding date. Maybe I’m easily impressed, but – I’m impressed.

The next one is Kim’s brainchild as well. When I wrote that DJ and I are bookish, the scanned candid gave her an idea for something more posed and formal.

Do something cute, she said. And so I tried.

Ah, the mannequins. We had such fun with them. Two guys in a pickup truck pulled over to watch the action but never approached us to ask questions. I cracked Kim up by pointing out that they will never know.

We drank a little wine in the pretty meadow. I checked to see if DJ was drinking, and ::snap:: Kim caught it. Then he kissed me, and ::snap:: Kim caught it.

I wasn’t really aware that she was taking these, at the fence. DJ and I were talking about stuff, as we generally do. So we have these pictures of us being us, which couldn’t be better.

I am a ham. That’s the only explanation for this action. Kim spied the blue doors, and the horsing around that followed created some of my favorite pictures of the day. Love the neat symmetry of the 105 and 105 1/2. Where’s my other half? Oh, there you are.

But if we’re playing favorites, this is it. See the way DJ is looking at me? See how smug I am about it? Yeah, I am.

So there’s a pretty good recap of the day. Before we took these pictures I was afraid of feeling awkward in front of a camera, or getting a whole stack of wedding proofs back this fall and not looking as cute as I was feeling at the moment.

I’m not at all worried about that now. Kim (and probably any experienced photographer) has a chatty patter that was relaxing and fun, and she is magic with the retouching.