Stationery Thursday: Invitation Inspiration from Packaging Design

Some of my all-time favorite wedding invitation designs have found their inspiration in non-traditional (i.e. non-wedding) sources – from 70s folk art to music to architecture.  But one of my favorite sources of design inspiration might actually surprise you – it’s from packaging design!  So if you’re on the lookout for some inspiration for your wedding invitation design, there are three blogs you should really be reading.

The first is The Dieline, which is widely recognized as the leading packaging design blog.  The Dieline regularly features both the work of established designers as well as design students, which I really like since the student designs tend to be a bit more experimental and avant garde (and therefore a terrific source of inspiration that you wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to see).  I am constantly amazed by the fabulous designs – from hand-lettering to colorful patterns to unique logos and identity designs.  Here are a few of my recent favorites from The Dieline:





{images via The Dieline}

The second blog is Lovely Package, which – like The Dieline – focuses mainly on packaging design.  I also found some of the most unique wedding invitations I’ve ever seen on Lovely Package, which you can find right here (I also featured them on Oh So Beautiful Paper here).  Here are a few more recent favorites from Lovely Package:





{images via Lovely Package}

The last recommended blog isn’t actually a packaging design blog, but a print design blog – everything from business cards to book design.  But it’s one of my absolute favorites and another great source of design inspiration, so I had to include it here.  It’s called FPO: for print only, and here are a couple of my recent favorites:



{images via FPO}

I hope you’ll find these blogs to be as helpful a source of design inspiration as I’ve found them to be.  Of course, if you need more design inspiration, you’re always welcome to come visit me over at Oh So Beautiful Paper.  I’ll see you all back here on EAD next week!