Mother of the Bride Dress Search…(and some ramblings)

OH. My.  This was a bit of a process.  Finding my dress was literally the easiest part of the wedding planning for me.  My MOM finding a dress is a different story entirely.  

When we bought my dress my mom tried on a dress that we thought was PERFECT.  This is a picture of one similar to the one we loved:

mother of the bride dress

It was brown and gorgeous, but we weren’t sure.  

Then she went to Macy’s and bought one that she thought was perfect.  Once it was home…not so much.  It is a very pretty dress, but it just didn’t say “mother of the bride”.  She’s supposed to be the second best dressed person at the wedding, right?  This dress wasn’t the one. 

Yesterday we went to a bridal shop here in Atlanta.  It was SUCH a great shop.  The woman and her daughter who own it really care about everyone there.  They sit down and talk to you about your wedding, what you want and what you love.  It’s so great to work with people in the industry who look at you like a person and not a dollar sign.  She tried on quite a few dresses, but none of them were right.  

I said I’d like to see her in something in a green color, and we found this one.  It was perfect!!


The grainy iPhone photo isn’t great, but the dress was!  We also found a gorgeous broach to put on the hip where the material gathers.  My dress has a similar embellishment, so I love how it emulates my dress a little bit.  We are so happy we found her dress-especially because Vince’s mom and step-mom were waiting to look for their dresses until we knew for sure what my mom was wearing.  I sent them an email yesterday telling them what I’d like to see them in.  I’m hoping I wasn’t too bossy-but let me tell you a secret.  

At this point in the wedding planning (we have 137 days) I’m not really as careful with my opinions as I was in the beginning.  At first, I tried to appease everyone and get a lot of opinions before making a decision.  At this point, I’m just kind of over caring what everyone thinks.  This is, of course, where us brides get dubbed “bridezilla” but I disagree strongly!  I’m not a bridezilla, but I’m trying to tell myself daily that it is our wedding, and what we want matters!  I think a bride can drive herself batty worrying what everyone thinks about every decision!

Do you brides out there feel the same way?  How do you make your feelings known without being called that dreadful term??