If You Threw a Party, Invited Everyone You Knew*

DJ’s mom is hosting a shower for me in August, along with two bridesmaids. (The third is out of state and also planning a wedding, so definitely off the hook.) DJ’s mom is really excited about it, mostly because she wants to use a set of girly luncheon dishes she bought some time ago but hasn’t had occasion to use. How cute is that? I love her.

BUT. She’s asking me for a guest list, and I am terrified. It’s not that I have no friends (I do, really.) It’s not that I’m stage shy of opening gifts in public (I am, but that’s not it.)

The thing is — my, this is embarrassing — once I threw a party and no one came. No one! I’m that girl. People said yes, no one showed.

That can’t happen twice to one person, right? Right? Let’s not even get into my bachelorette/hen party fears.

* To the tune of Thank You For Being a Friend, also known as the Golden Girls’ theme. No wonder no one showed?