Ed Note: I’m SO excited to welcome one of our amazing EADL bloggers, Kate, over to EADW to recap her fabulous Austin TX wedding.  Ya’ll are going to love her!

Great jumping beans, I am tickled pink to be guest blogging this week on Elizabeth Anne Designs Weddings!  You can find me weekly over on the Living Page, but the opportunity to share my wedding on one of the very blogs that inspired me throughout the planning process is truly a thrill!  I was engaged my now-husband Evan in December of 2007 and spent the next 15 months planning the wedding of my (er, um, our) dreams with infinite help from the wedding blogosphere.

Before hopping into all the nitty-gritty planning details, a bit more about me:  I’m a true Texas girl with the “smelly-hippie” tendancies of my Austin roots and the Christian Louboutin-wearing proclivities of my new Dallas zip code.   My husband and I met in law school while studying for finals – he was the older and wiser 2nd year while I was the loud, obnoxious scared-poo-less girl about to take her first round of exams.  Luckily for me, my incessantly inappropriate library voice didn’t deter him from asking me out for an evening of enchiladas and margaritas, and – a year and a half later – from asking me to marry him!  You can get all the dirty details – on my wedding planning days and (the ominous) Life After Wedding – on my personal blog Elefantitas Alegres.

Now, I won’t lie and say I’d never thought about my nuptials before saying “yes” to the wavy haired boy on bended knee… I am a planner in every sense of the word:  the books purchased by me in preparation for major life events (SAT, college applications, LSAT, law school applications, how to be an awesome bridesmaid, etc) could outfit entire sections of Barnes & Noble.

And yes, I was one of those girls with “the notebook” – the scary binder, stuffed with Martha Stewart Weddings cut-outs and programs from my cousin’s wedding in 1987.  If the picture hasn’t become crystal clear yet, let’s just sum it up with this: in college, my two best friends dubbed me “Monica Geller.”

image from Fan Pop

So I’m pretty sure those closest to me expected some sort of Marine Corps Bride Barbie to emerge, resplendent with shrill-whistle-blowing and bulleted weekly “updates” highlighting the pros and cons of a buffet versus a plated dinner.

Now while I did (and do!) love a color-coded spreadsheet and a succint timeline, I am proud to announce that I kept the Bridal OCD to a minimum.   And what I hope to share with all of you in the next 5 days is how I (+ family + friends + amazing vendors) planned the wedding of my dreams without the bridezilla ‘tude… because, after all, no one likes a grumpy, pouty bunch of tulle!

Immediately after “The Proposal” – from author’s personal collection

Engagement Photos by SMS Photography – see the rest here!

Up next… the dreaded “theme”…