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Ceremony Program Mock Up

How do girls getting married in just over a month spend their weekend? Crafting, of course! I’ve been working on a lot of easy but time consuming projects this weekend. Table name signs, escort cards, M’s wedding gift, and a mock up of our ceremony programs so I can start trimming down the stock for the covers and laying out pages in InDesign. Am I the only one who gets really really excited to see something working out as planned? Consider me really excited right now. I’m in love with how this mock up program turned out!


Pretty blue cover stock, kraft paper pages and blue-striped baker’s twine? Heaven! This is also going to prove a useful tool when laying out the pages. I can see the hardest part involving figuring out how to ensure the fronts and backs of the pages line up so they print nice and aligned, but for now I am trying not to worry about that one. In the meantime, here’s what I am planning for pages and content –

{front cover} some sort of Gocco magic going on
{page 1} a title page of sorts with our names, wedding date, etc.
{page 2} a welcome message
{page 3} order of events
{page 4}  bridesmaids/bridesman introductions
{page 5}  groomsmen introductions
{page 6}  thank you note and directions to the champagne reception after the ceremony
{page 7}  recognition of loved ones who can’t be with us
{page 8}  recognition of our belief in gay marriage rights and hope for all men and women to soon be able to marry the person of their choice
{back cover}  some more Gocco magic

Is anyone else working on a program project right now? Let me know if you have any tips for printing book layouts front to back so the pages work properly when assembled.