Bridesmaid Gift Ideas…

Before I start my post today, I just wanted to tell you sweet readers thank you for your excitement about our house, and we are happy to announce that they have accepted our offer!  We are doing inspections this week, and we close on August 10th!!  It is so surreal and exciting.  I told Vince the thing I’m the most excited about is putting our new KitchenAid Mixer right here on the counter:


So, on to today’s post:

My mom and I were browsing Etsy for ideas (naturally) for bridesmaid gifts and we came across this pattern that we love from seller Keyka Lou:


Aren’t they adorable!?  SO my mom bought the pattern and then some gorgeous fabric.  We are going to make them together (she’s going to teach me to sew finally!) and I cannot wait to do this project!

I also love seller Vintage Inspired Jewelry, and I want to get each of my maids one of these rings:


I will also be including in their clutch-some Hanky Panky underwear.  If you haven’t tried these-they are the BEST!

bridesmaid gift ideas

Finally, I’ll be including products from my FAVORITE etsy seller, Cozy Moments: If you haven’t bought anything from their shop, you are missing out:


I think those are going to be wonderful gifts to give to my ladies to let them know how much I love and appreciate them!

How about you chicas?  Any really fun ideas you want to share on what you’re getting for your lovely ladies?