Invitations Part 4 – A (Not So) Sticky Situation

The most difficult step in creating our invitations was not coming up with the design, or choosing the supplies, or even printing with the Gocco … it was finding an adhesive that worked!

I went through SIX products in an attempt to secure the invitations to the mats to the pocket folds and the stamped monogram to the cardstock to the ribbon.



Here’s my product review:

  • Photo Squares – These are perfect for scrapbooking, but not for anything that won’t be protected under plastic.
  • Glue Runner –  This seemed to hold … until the pieces sat in my humid apartment for an afternoon.
  • Hot Glue – See comments above.
  • Tacky Glue – Way too wet; it soaked completely through the cardstock.
  • Zips – Finally! This rubber cement type material held fast to the invitation mats and glossy finish of the pocket folds.
  • Super Glue – Yes, I went there. This was my last resort for the belly belts, and lo and behold, it worked!

{Mom and I working late on a Sunday night}

I so hope our future DIY projects aren’t this time consuming — we’re running out of weekends! I apologize if you’re tired of hearing about my invitations … but please stay tuned for one final post — the cost breakdown and finished product!

Have you tackled any projects that have taken way more time than you anticipated? Was it worth it in the end? (I think so!)