Dr. dave and I were laughing the whole day of the wedding about my “plans” for the ceremony.  I had “planned” this and “planned” that…and the one thing I didn’t plan for, rain, was what happened.

The day before the wedding, Friday, was just beautiful.  The rehearsal dinner went off without a hitch (other than there being quite a few confused people standing around).


I’d remembered to bring everything we needed (including dr. dave’s clothes and shoes…they had a bit of a snafu during their day-long bachelor party the day before and I ended up getting an interesting phone call in the morning. But that’s a whole OTHER story ;) ).  I’d even made myself a little practice bouquet out of sunflowers because we didn’t have the whole ribbon bouquet thing due to my lack of a bridal shower (I made it through without ever having to open embarassing gifts in front of people…huzzah!).  I must pre-apologize for the overuse of parentheses in this post…I’m feeling a bit unoriginal with my writing style today.

A few more outtakes from the rehearsal:



My dad couldn’t remember whether to say “her mother and I do,” “my wife and I do,” “Monica and I do”…at this point he’d accidentally said “my mother and I do.” Sigh.  All eyes were on him at the actual ceremony, and he got it right, with a bit of a chuckle. Love my dad!

Anywho, despite all the “planning,” we had to laugh that the one thing I didn’t plan for happened: rain. Lots and lots of rain. Nonstop, all day long.  Last minute, we had to move the ceremony inside, which ended up being lovely and cozy.  But it just goes to show you that despite everything you try to do to ensure your wedding goes smoothly: something will come up.   dr. dave and I chose to laugh.  Others choose to cry.  It’s about how you handle it that will make your day special in your memory.

We had a beautiful dinner at the Table Mountain Inn following the rehearsal, though I was too tired to even remember what happened there.  Flowers are exhausting!


So now you’ve seen the “plans” for where our ceremony was supposed to be! We can’t wait to get our photos from Andrew and Jessica. Once we do, I’ll start the full recaps.

Anyone else not have a backup plan for rain?
Much love,

Mrs. B!