A Hairy Situation…

Ok, so we are 115 days away from our wedding.  WOW.  That seems so close to me-and I know from following blogging brides that these days go by FAST!

I’m trying to decide what to do with my hair, and I hope you lovely ladies can help me!

First of all, I have very fine, wavy hair.  I straighten it all the time-as I can never get the curl to look right.  However, when it dries naturally, Vince LOVES it.  He is a big fan of curls, so I really would like to wear my hair in curls on our wedding day.  I don’t want to wear it down, though-because it tends to get very frizzy when I’m warm-and frizzy hair is not conducive to dancing the night away.

SO, I’m thinking something like this:


My mom says it’s too messy, so I found LC’s hair in this image below:

{found via google image search}

The next image is my absolute favorite.  I just don’t know if my hair will hold up like this all day!  My hair stylist says she can do it and make it stick, but I’m a little worried-again about the frizz.  I already got my fascinator and birdcage veil- so I think it would look great with this hairstyle.


{image found via the knot}

Of course, I had to include my favorite wedding hair of ALL time.  This style would never work with my hair, but I absolutely love it-and if I had straight hair I would do this in a heartbeat!! This wedding was featured on EAD-go look at it right now!!

{Vallentyne Photography}

So ladies, what are you doing with your hair?  Any of you out there with hair like mine?  Do you have any precious advice for me to achieve the sexy, romantic, classic bridal hair I’m looking for??