Around the Clock Bridal Shower

Looking for a unique bridal shower theme? Well, I have one for you … Around the Clock! Last Saturday my beautiful bridesmaids hosted a fabulous shower for me, using the same theme from my mother’s shower 30 years ago. Every detail was so carefully chosen and perfectly fit my personality. I feel so lucky and so loved!


Each invitation included an assigned time (many craft paper clocks were lovingly cut and assembled), and each guest was asked to bring a gift for Nick and I to use during that time. I’ll share some of the creative gift ideas in a bit, but first … the details.


The venue was a lakeside pavilion at Kain County Park, in Jacobus, PA. Red and orange streamers hung (by my dad) around the circumference of the pavilion with bunches of red, orange, and white balloons. It was such a peaceful spot surrounded by trees with the lake just a few yards away. I love the outdoors, and my sister/Maid of Honor Laura couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate setting.


Daisies (my favorite flowers) adorned the tables. Bridesmaid Kristen H. made the arrangements, and tea candles on white tablecloths completed the sweet and simple centerpieces.


I’m so fortunate to have an artistic sister! She hand painted daisies onto this chair just for me. It’s quite comfy, too. I can’t wait to display it in my future home!


Continuing with the red and orange theme (also our wedding colors), fruit punch with orange slices was served from glass dispensers.


The eats! Fruits and veggies, mini pretzel sandwiches with turkey or chicken salad, pasta salad, and meatballs. Bridesmaid Mary provided the serving platters and red napkins.


Chocolate covered strawberries — another personal favorite! Alongside strawberry cream cheese dip and graham crackers.


Oh the lovely, heavenly cake! Three layers of moist yellow cake with strawberries and cream cheese from Providence Divine Cakes in York, PA.

The bridesmaids came up with a few fun games to play during the shower. There was the “how well do you know Emily and Nick” quiz, the infamous “don’t say the word ‘wedding’ or you lose your bracelet” game, and a fun poem read by Bridesmaid Quinn with related gifts for me to open. (Example: Your big Brawny guy isn’t necessarily Mr. Clean …)


And now for the gifts … Gifts for the morning hours included a waffle maker and pancake molds, baking tins and a cookbook for coffee cakes and muffins, a teapot and tea bags, a robe, and bath towels. Gifts for the afternoon hours included a lemonade pitcher and glasses (hand painted by my sister, I must add!), a salad spinner, a wooden salad bowl set, and an apple peeler/corer/slicer. Gifts for the evening hours included serving bowls and platters, bed sheets, a cozy down comforter, candles, and of course lingerie (fortunately everything was very tasteful and quite beautiful!). Thanks to Bridesmaid Kristen W. for so diligently keeping track of all of the gifts (and times).


Please pay special attention to the ribbon bouquet! Bridesmaid Kirsten could go into business.

Finally, onto the wonderful women who made this day so special for me.


My Maid of Honor is thoughtful and beautiful and oh so creative. And my mother helped to pull together all of the loose ends and threw in a few special surprises of her own!


My bridesmaids traveled from Massachusetts and Maryland and Virginia. And they managed to keep everything a secret until Saturday! I’m so thankful to have them in my life.


And our attempt at a group shot. These women are such role models to me, and I adore each and every one of them!

Do you have ideas or inspirations to share from your own shower, or showers that you’ve attended?