a birthday, a cat, and a ring.

Alright on with the engagement story shall we?  Well it started with a Valentine’s Day card last year in which Lance had written, “Don’t you think its time to start ring shopping?”….which led to a trip to a jewelry store to try on different rings …and me finally deciding on what I liked.  Then the wait began.  This really didn’t bother me actually, I guess in my mind we already were engaged in a way, the sparkly ring was just an added bonus to come.

So fast forward to October…the morning of my 26th birthday in fact.  Since we shared one car and worked at the same place, Lance and I had a pre-work morning routine that would always get us out the door no later than 7:30am.  Lance would shower while I lazily laid in bed till the last possible second….then I would shower as Lance started making breakfast…the usual scrambled eggs and toast.  (I should mention that this happens EVERY morning…not just on my birthday…hands off ladies he’s MINE!)  Nothing out of the ordinary really.  We usually exchanged gifts first thing on our Bdays so the stack of  gifts on the counter as i came out for breakfast were somewhat expected.  But then Lance said, “you have one more gift but you’ll have to find it first.”

So instantly I started scanning the room looking for something obvious…a new shirt hanging up perhaps, maybe a picture of us framed somewhere….yeah well I was way off.  Checking the clock I realized I didn’t have time to “be messing around”…so I just went back to the room to finish getting ready.

Sidenote:  While all this is going on our cat Nori is being slightly more annoying than usual…jumping up on the counter…constantly in my personal space…just really extra needy for attention.

ok back to the story…so there I am just trying to get ready as fast as I can…I mean I already wasted about 15mins of this perfectly-timed-out-routine I have running around the apt looking for who knows what…when I catch a glimpse of something sparkly hanging from Nori’s collar as she’s sitting in the window.  I quickly go over to investigate ….its a ring.  and not just any ring….a beautiful princess cut diamond ring.  I screamed a little…Lance ran in…and got down on his knee (I was already on mine as it turns out)…and then asked me to marry him.  After thinking about it for 20 mins…..haha j/k…of course I said YES right away!

You see…the entire time Nori was just trying to get my attention….she knew she had an important job that morning!  Its funny when I think about the times I kept pushing Nori away and picking her up off the counter and not once did I suspect anything.  I got Nori when we first lived in Salt Lake.  She was my BFF after Lance moved to Virginia and later made the journey with me when I made the move, so she is very much a part of our relationship and I love that Lance included her.  So you wanna see a pic of the ring?


(this was my attempt at being artsy when I got my new camera)

Well there you have it!  An engagement story that included my birthday, our cat Nori, and a beautiful diamond ring!