The Proposal: Part 1

One day back in January…

Him: Hey, you should pack a bag for the weekend, because we’re going somewhere.

Me: Why where are we going?

Him: I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise.

Me: Well if I don’t know, how do I know what to pack?

Him: Um…just bring two sets of clothes.

Me: Are we going somewhere nice? Do I need a dress? What about a bathing suit?

Him: Um….no? I don’t know? Yes? Just bring both. And don’t forget your cell phone charger.

And this is how the conversation started off our proposal weekend, which, despite not being a total deer in headlights surprise, was still a very fun and romantic weekend in San Diego!

The boy planned four activities for us. First on the itinerary…

1. Birch Aquarium

What can I say, I’m a museums and aquariums geek. He knows me too well. And I LOVE leafy sea dragons! When they swim in between the leaves, I think “heeey where did they go???”

This was a beautiful aquarium, and it was fun to explore and read about all the sea creatures. I recommend it for anyone visiting La Jolla, it’s a fun date spot!




2. Dinner at Spread

I had been wanting to try Spread for a while, and so the boy surprised me by taking me there that night! We were the first customers for dinner and we got star treatment. It was as if he had told them he was going to propose that weekend.


[Spread is a restaurant that specializes in food prepared with locally grown ingredients. It was delicious, and the decor was really fun–filigree frames, pink walls, neon chairs. Plus, they had a DJ station!]

[To save on paper, they write the menu on a chalkboard and bring it to each table. Yay for being eco-chic!]

[Radicchio can be so pretty. This was heirloom veggie pot pie—aka, complete yumminess in a bowl!]

[Adorable heart-shaped spoons to sweeten the meal!]

[Spiked lavender lemonade. “
This is really, really good. Can I have summore?”]

It was a spectacular beginning, and I was just waiting for the moment when he was going to get down on one knee, or perhaps take the ring box out of his pocket and scream “SURPRISE! Vegas? Yes? No?”

I know I can’t be the only one. How many of you KNEW that your partner was going to propose?

…Next up, he actually gets down on one knee and presents the ring!