Cake Buffet…who’d stop at candy?

Thayer Allyson Gowdy via snippet & ink

I feel the need to say “I love you like a fat kid loves cake,” and since I don’t think I can have a placard with that on our dessert table…I’m getting it out of my system now. Garrett and I had talked a little bit about cakes and we’d both decided that we didn’t want anything super fancy. Garrett’s a minimalist (unless you see our bookshelves) and I prefer simple to really ornate. I like the look of fondant but not the taste. I love buttercream. I like clean, simple, but not perfect. And finding a vintage cake topper with a blonde bride and brunette groom that I liked was just not going to happen. I have little patience for ebay. So, we talked about doing a really simple cake. Something 3 tier or thereabouts, simple white frosting, bam.

But I’m sure some of you other brides can relate… Garrett’s not crazy about making decisions wedding things. I was trying to find a fabric in our color scheme at a fabric store that was going out of business and I drove Garrett crazy. I couldn’t make up my mind at all and wandered around like I do in grocery stores, aisle after aisle. I ended up going home with nothing. And the store wasn’t really close by. Oops! Even though Garrett loves cake, the idea of going to taste testings and talking price and picking something out…it’s exhausting. I’d considered making my own cake before, like some other bride bloggers I’ve seen, decided I had lost my mind, and moved on. But the more I see the whole “cake buffet” idea, the more I think it could work for us. My sister loves baking. One of Garrett’s cousins used to run a bakery and has lots of supplies (plus, her daughter Megan, who reads my blog and is now a good friend of mine, has offered to maybe come down early to help me with things like flowers or cakes). Linden, one of my bridesmaids, has offered up some delicious recipe of her grandma’s… We might be in business. I’ve made a few mean pound cakes in my day and if nothing else I think I could manage that.

Plus, we’re looking at our reception as a party at this point. We’re not going to be stressing out the day of and I don’t think we’ll be heading off for a honeymoon the next day or anything, so I just want to have fun!

this one is from a navy & yellow wedding (our colors!) that I love! It was featured in Southern Weddings’ blog and the photographer is Sarah Maren. I like that they had a candy buffet on the ends of the cake buffet.

So from you, what are your favorite kinds of cake, do you have any favorite recipes (for frosting too!), what would you be most excited to see at a cake buffet? Oh, and any tips on petit fours? Garrett loves them.

Some thoughts of mine: strawberry cake, a butter cake, some kind of chocolate (maybe mousse-ish?), lemon?, pound cake, linden’s sour cream cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting…