Getting ready!!!

Hello, lovelies!  So sorry it’s been a while since my last post.  We’re trying to pull together our new apartment, and it’s slowly but surely coming along and becoming our new home.!  We got our pictures from Andrew and Jessica yesterday, so I wanted to start up the recaps of our wedding!

I’ll be able to give you photos of all the making-ofs: the centerpieces, flags, flowers… soon.  My bff and bridesmaid Lisa has documented them all on her camera but we’ll get them for you soon!

As you may remember, I was making all of our flowers for the big day, which I’ll be able to show you next time.  Meanwhile, here are all the photos of us getting ready before the ceremony!  We all got ready at my parent’s house in different wings (myself and ‘maids in my old bedroom and the boys in the master bedroom).  It was sweet to be getting ready for my wedding in the bedroom I grew up in, surrounded by memories.


Here I am fixing a flower in my bouquet.  Unfortunately, the fringe tulips were very difficult to arrange; the stalks were so firm and delicate that they broke when I hand tied the bouquet, so I had to keep sticking them back in all day!


Dr. dave pinning on the boutonniere of his best man!


Dr. dave’s brother and I practice our surprise song for the reception upstairs.  He played amazing guitar and we sang to “Today” by Joshua Radin.


My handsome dr. dave with the 1800s pocketwatch my dad gave him for the occasion!



Doing DIY hair and makeup ended up being the way to go for me.  I ended up looking like myself in all of my photos, which I was so happy about.  It also gave me some time to be introspective and spend some quality moments with my bridesmaids, maid of honor, and flower girl before the ceremony.


I was also doing touch ups for everyone because it helped calm me down!


One last look at the hair and makeup before getting into…


The dress!


Putting it on felt so surreal.  I was so happy to finally be at that moment, putting on my dress and getting ready to marry the love of my life!


Our dog helping dr. dave put his shoes on.


My “something blue” from my grandpa and my vows.


Here is my bridesmaid signing my shoes!  It’s an old tale that each of the girls signs the bottom of the shoe and at the end of the night, whoever’s name is rubbed off the most is next to be married!  Even though two of the girls are getting married soon anyway, we took part in this cute old tradition…and now I have my best friends’ names on my shoe forever!


Writing my vows…


Reading the letter dr. dave sent me before he left the house.  He did a great job :)


My sweet “flowerwoman” and I peeking out the window at dr. dave and his groomsmen as they left!  They left a couple minutes before us so that we wouldn’t see each other until the reveal.


Me waiting impatiently upstairs for the boys to leave…


Finally heading down!


And getting bustled and ready to go!

Up next…the reveal!

Much love,


*all photos by Andrew and Jessica