Blogging for the Blog that Began My Blogging

Ed Note: I’m so excited to introduce another blogger to the EAD crew – Juel!  I know you’re going to love her as much as I do.  And now, I’ll let her talk!…

What better introduction than an alliteration? My 4th grade Language Arts teacher would be proud! (Thanks Mrs. Royer)

I wasn’t engaged when I discovered wedding blogs, but then again, was anyone?? I had requested an aquamarine engagement ring so Mr. asked that I show him ideas of what I would like. So, off to Google I went! One of my searches linked me to the EAD blog, opening up a whole new world of inspiration while at the same time drastically decreasing the amount of time I spent on work I needed to do in the real world. One link led to another and soon after, I had subscribed to about 40 blogs and had even created my own blogger account…all thanks to EAD!

Of course, I couldn’t actually post anything on my blog until I was engaged, right? So I patiently waited…but not for long ☺
Mr. and I met in April 2007. My mom and I were planning a move to PA and it just so happens that Mr. lived in the town where we were planning on moving. So, knowing our situation, a mutual friend set us up and we hit it off right away.

Fast-forward to this past April. He is a music teacher, I was finishing up my student teaching, and we were able to line up our Spring Breaks and vacation days in order to take a trip to Spain. As an undergrad I was a dance major and fell in love with Flamenco. After I graduated, I decided to save up all my money after working for a few years and move to Sevilla, Spain to study Flamenco. Living there was a dream come true! It was an amazing experience and I really wanted Mr. to see the place that I had loved so much and that had been so influential on my life.

{ Photo of dancer Eva Yerbabuena from UC Berkeley }

Now while I didn’t know for certain that he’d propose when we were there, we had picked out a ring in December so I was pretty certain that he’d be proposing soon, I just didn’t know when and where. He ended up asking me to marry him in my most favorite place in the whole entire world!! The gardens of the Alcazar in Sevilla.

{ photo taken by random German tourist }

Can you believe that the photo cuts off RIGHT before my engagement ring?? Ugh.

Anyway, I am very excited to be blogging here at EAD! I’ll be posting about all my favorite finds, ideas, projects, and inspiration for our July 2010 wedding and definitely am looking forward to any other ideas or feedback. I hope you enjoy!